Background and activities

I'm a PhD candidate with affiliation to CenSES (Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies) and the EU-project SHAPE ENERGY (Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy). I'm currently researching sustainability transitions in general, and the transition towards sustainable mobility more specifically. Here, I'm looking at the mainstreaming of electric vehicles and hybrids in Norway, and exploring if this might represent new cultures of mobility, new practices or new identities.

Gender roles and stereotypes related to mobility and the consumption of energy is also central to my endeavours.

Academic background:

I have a master's degree in Science and Technology Studies (STS), and a bachelors in Social Science with a focus on Sociology and Media Studies.

Research interests:

  • Sustainable transitions
  • Technology and cultural change
  • Innovation
  • Processes of standardisation
  • Popular culture


I am currently maintaining and editing the web pages of the institute and is also working on the recruitment and the updates to the SHAPE ENERGY researcher database. The latter is designed to facilitate interdiciplinary collaborations between energy-SSH researchers, but also to enable researchers from other fields finding energy-SSH researchers.    


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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