Background and activities

I am an archaeologist working alpine snow patches and frozen cultural heritage in central Norway. I work with all aspects of snow patch archaeology- from field surveys and documentation, through lab studies and analyses to professional and public dissemination and network building.

I was coordinator of the international Frozen Pasts Network and Managing Editor of the Journal of Glacial Archaeology until April 2019. Previous projects include the SPARC project in cooperation with the NTNU-University Museum in Trondheim.  And the Åarjelsaemien Tsoevtsh project in cooperation with Saemien Sijte that focuses on local knowledge and use of alpine ice patches in Southern Sami areas.

I am a member of the UISPP’s HOME (Human Occupations of Mountain Landscapes) Commission and have organized a number of mountain sessions at international conferences and meetings.

 Pedagogical Responsibilities and Teaching:

Leder Program for Archaeology (BA & MA)

Lecturing and teaching (BA, MA & PhD)

Student supervisor (BA; MA and PhD)

Course Coordination:

ARK1001 Introduction to Archaeology (22,5 stp) (with Heidrun Stebergløkken)

ARK1010 Introduction to Archaeology for Critical Heritage Students (15 stp) (with Heidrun Stebergløkken)

ARK3321 MA Internships (15 stp)

Pedagogical development:

- (2020) Partner/member of the VR-Learn pilot project, led by the Dept. of Geography at NTNU.Project shall test the introduction of low-cost VR technology into large scale teaching scenarios at the university.

- (2020) Leder for the DIKU financed (InternAbroad) project «The Northern Archaeology and Heritage Exchange Network». The project organizes internships for Norwegian students with partner institutions in Canada and USA (2020-2023).

- (2017) Responsible for introduction of drones (UAVs) into BA and MA course at NTNU. Our Drone modules include theoretical, methodological and practical teaching at the different levels. Use of drones is an integrated part of the annual archaeological field school at NTNU.  

- (2017) Ansvarlig for innføring av droner (UAVs) i undervisningen på ARK programmet på NTNU. Dette omfatter teoretiske, metodiske og praktisk undervisning på -2000 og -3000 nivåene.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

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