Background and activities

I am an archaeologist working alpine snow patches and frozen cultural heritage in central Norway. I work with all aspects of snow patch archaeology- from field surveys and documentation, through lab studies and analyses to professional and public dissimination and network building.

At present I am working on the SPARC project in cooperation with the NTNU-University Museum in Trondheim. I also work on a project that focuses on alpine snow patches in Southern Sami areas

I act as coordinator for the international Frozen Pasts Network and am Managing Editor of the Journal of Glacial Archaeology.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Peacock, Elizabeth E.; Callanan, Martin. (2018) The challenge of developing sustainable heritage management and preservation strategies for perennial snow patch artefacts. Contribution of the SPARC Project. Proceedings of the 13th ICOM-CC Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference: Florence 2016.
  • Hamill, Jane; Peacock, Elizabeth E.; Callanan, Martin; Vatne, Geir. (2016) The Snow Patch Archaeological Research Cooperation (SPARC): Climate change and vulnerable high mountain heritage artefacts. Proceedings of the 12th ICOM-CC Group on Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference Istanbul 2013.
  • Callanan, Martin. (2015) Chronological patterns among archaeological finds from snow patches in Central Norway 1914-2011. Exploitation of outfield resources - Joint Research at the University Museums of Norway.
  • Callanan, Martin Eugene. (2010) Northern Snow Patch Archaeology. A Circumpolar Reappraisal : The Legacy of Gutorm Gjessing (1906-1979).


  • Foosnæs, Kristin; Stenvik, Lars Fredrik; Callanan, Martin Eugene; Barton, Kevin. (2009) Archaeological Geophysics Workshop. Workshop notes. Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter, 28th & 29th September 2009. 2009.
  • Callanan, Martin Eugene; Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann. (2007) On the Edge - a Survey of Early Mesolithic Informal Tools from Central Norway. 2007.