Background and activities

Professor of philosophy


Director of NTNU's Programme for Applied Ethics since 2001, member of the management group

of NTNU Sustainability since 2014.


Vice-chairman of  NTNU's Research ethical committee since 2014.


Research interests:

Ethics and political philosophy; applied ethics/research ethics; environmental ethics; information-

and communication ethics; multicultural conflicts; democracy/fundamentalism.


Current research projects (2012 -):

  • FORFOOD - Frogs, fuel, finance or food? Cultures, values, ethics, arguments and justifications in the mamagement of agricultural land, 2013-2016, funded by NRC, SAMKUL, lead by Centre for rural Research. Work package 4: Ethical assessments in the management of agricultural land, led by May Thorseth.
  • BIOSMART - Managing the trasition to a "smart" bioeconomy, funded by NRC, BIONÆR 2015-2018. Lead by Centre for Rural Research. May Thorseth partner of wp 4: Social acceptaility - ethics and outcomes.
  • BINGO - Bringing Innovation to ongoing water management - a better future under climate change. EU - Horizon 2020, May thorseth Ethics advisor of the project.
  • ISP-FIDE. Project: Applied Ethics: Technology and Governance of Health and Natural Resource, Norwegian research council, 2012-2015.
  • ENRI Future - Rights to a Green Future, Uncertainty, Intergenerational human Rights and Pathways to Realisation, an ESF project running from 2011-2015. One wg lead by May Thorseth: Investigating the main psychological and institutional obstacles to a sustainable politics.
  • Part of the expert panel of the EU project The Onlife Initiative Concept Reengineering Exercise: rethinking public spaces in the digital transition, an EU expert panel working on future policy in the digital transition realm, 2012.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

  • Thorseth, May. (2015) Limitations to democratic governance of natural resources. The Politics of Sustainability. Philosophical Perspectives.
  • Thorseth, May. (2015) May Thorseth: Commentary of the Manifesto. The Onlife Manifesto: Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era.
  • Thorseth, May. (2015) On Tolerance and Fictitious Publics. The Onlife Manifesto: Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era.
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  • Thorseth, May. (2008) The Ethics of Global Communication Online. Handbook of Research on Technoethics.


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