Programme for Applied Ethics (PAE)

Programme for Applied Ethics (PAE)

– Stimulate ethical reflection in research and education at NTNU


The Programme for Applied Ethics (PAE) at NTNU aims to contribute to the development of competence in applied ethics in both research and education. The PAE started in the Autumn of 2001 with support from the Research Council of Norway and has been, since 2004, funded directly by NTNU. PAE is managed by an interfaculty Board, it employs three permanent staff and supports one PhD project and one postdoc project. The director of the Programme is Professor May Thorseth.


The programme's mandate is to:

  • Create good arenas for building competence in applied ethics - Ethics Days and other arrangements.
  • In particular, contribute to bringing ethical issues related to technology and social responsibility to light.
  • Together with researchers at NTNU, initiate research projects based on ethical issues arising from their respective research areas and NTNU strategic areas.
  • Contribute to the development of the academic field of applied ethics at NTNU.
  • Provide professional support to study programmes that integrate ethics with teaching at different levels.
  • Participate in and develop relevant national and international networks.



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