Background and activities


My role is to help researchers at the Faculty of Engineering with international funding.

  • By having a good overview of national and international (EU and others) funding opportunities, I will be able to help researchers to find suitable funding schemes within their field of interest. 
  • Lead and contribute to developing a research strategic and action plans, mainly for Horizon Europe, RCN and Early Career Researchers
  • Develop annotated templates and writing tips for proposal writing (EU and RCN schemes)
  • Develop applications/project proposals to EUs framework programs and associated programs (such as ERC, RIA, IA, MSCA (s), ERA-NET, EEA, and others) and to the Research Council of Norway.
  • Assisting researchers in proposal writing to best address the evaluation criteria. 
  • Reviewing grant applications and proving feedback to optimise applications' chance of winning funding. 
  • Administrative support related to application and project management (pre and post-award) such as assisting with the EU portal administrative forms, grant agreement preparation process and the amendment process to the EC.  
  • Provide support during consortium agreement preparation in EU projects and other research projects
  • Support and advice on career development 
  • Run workshops to train applicants in proposal writing and hold presentations on various topics related to funding opportunities.
  • Develop handbooks and process notes to streamline administrative support


2019-2022: One-year program in Management and administration, Innlandet H. 

2014-2019: Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology and Molecular genetics (Host-Pathogen interactions),  UiT

2017-2019: Postgraduate teaching studies-practical pedagogical education (PPU), Nord University

2005-2011: M.Sc. (5-years integrated program) in biotechnology and molecular medicine, NTNU 

2003-2004: One-year Biology, NV faculty, NTNU

1997-2000: Medical education (dentistry), Tver State Medical Academy-Russian Federation 


2021: Senior EU Adviser and Research Support Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering (IV), NTNU 

2021: Research adviser (EU/RCN) and Research Support Coordinator,  Department of Public Health and Nursing, MH faculty, NTNU

2020: EU  adviser and Grants office coordinator, Research Section, MH faculty, NTNU

2014-dd: Consultant, United Nation Migration Agency 

2013-2014: Research assistance, The Arctic University of Norway 

2012-2013: Principal engineer, WHO national influenza center for Norway, department of virology, FHI

2011-2012: Staff engineer, Department of Medical Microbiology (virology/bacteriology), Førde Hospital HF


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications



  • Khider, Miriam; Haugen, Peik; Hansen, Hilde; Willassen, Nils Peder. (2014) Cloning and Characteriza0on of PUFA operon form Shewanella, with focus on EPA and DHA production in Aliivibrio wodanis. BioStruct Annual Conferance 2014 . BioStruct; Jægtvolden. 2014-08-28 - 2014-08-31.
  • Khider, Miriam; Haugen, Peik; Hansen, Hilde; Willassen, Nils Peder. (2014) Development of an expression host for cold-adapted enzymes. NorStruct Annual seminar 2014 . NorStruct; Sommarøy. 2014-01-09 - 2014-01-10.