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Background and activities

My main research activity is in the translational field between computational transcriptomics and metabolomics, gene regulation and prostate cancer. For this research we collaborate with Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging and Department of Urology at St. Olavs Hospital. Current research activity revolves around three directions):


  • Improve subtype stratification of early stage prostate cancer using transcriptome data. Early stratification of prostate cancer is clinically important, since it has the potential to select patients for various regimes of treatment and follow-up. We hypothesize that gene signatures based on transcriptome expression data can molecularly stratify patient biopsy samples. Using transcriptome data for stratification is challenging due to considerable tissue heterogeneity between samples, and in our research we have developed strategies to overcome this problem.
  • MR metabolomics imaging has the potential to become an important tool in prostate cancer diagnostics. However, limitation in the acquired metabolomics data complicates the interpretation of such data. We aim to develop clinically relevant gene signatures from transcriptomics data which can aid in the interpretation of data MR metabolomics imaging. The aim is also to integrate transcriptomics and metabolomics data to better understand aberrant metabolism in prostate cancer.
  • Regulatory mechanisms are important drivers of all types of cell transformation, including cancer. The aim of my research is to transfer rapidly accumulating knowledge on gene regulation and epigenetics from basal research to the field of prostate cancer, to understand how gene regulation drives prostate cancer subtypes. This will be done by selecting suitable gene regulatory high-throughput sequencing methods which are particularly suited for prostate cancer tissue analysis.

    In addition I am also co-leading a work-package in ELIXIR Norway, where my responsibility is to prioritize and identify pipelines and workflows, mainly from Next Generation Sequencing. These are implemented in a shared user environment (NeLS – Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Sciences) to make them more easily available for the research community with less knowledge of bioinformatics.        

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