Background and activities

Nhien Nguyen is an Associate Professor at NTNU, Faculty of Economics and Management, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management. She is also a senior researcher at Nordland Research Institute, Bodø, Norway, and Associate Editor of The Learning Organization journal (Emerald). She holds a PhD in Innovation Management and Strategy from NTNU. She is a member of the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI), a visiting fellow at Stanford University (SCANCOR program), MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA program), and cross-registrant at Harvard Business School (MBA program). 

Nhien Nguyen has been leading and coordinating several research projects focusing on innovation strategies, both at the organizational level and the national/regional policy level. She is the scientific leader of the SeeRRI project (H2020 – SWAFS14- 2018) which aims to establish a foundation for building self-sustaining research and innovation ecosystems in Europe through Responsible Research and Innovation. 

She is also a work package leader in the I AM RRI project (H2020-SWAFS12-2017) which develop the simulation model of innovation value chains in Additive Manufacturing under the consideration of Responsible Research and Innovation, and the DigiTeRRI project (H2020 - SwafS14 -2019) which develops a framework for a responsible transition of traditional industry regions into digitalised industry R&I ecosystems.

She is currently a team member in the evaluation work package for the CityLoops project (H2020-SC5-2018) which aims to develop, implement, and replicate a series of innovative urban planning approaches and instruments, aimed at facilitating closing the loops of urban material and resource flows and promoting the transition to a circular economy (CE), thereby reducing the environmental footprint, increasing regenerative capacities, and stimulating new business opportunities and job creation in European cities.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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