Background and activities

Oddbjørn Bruland is a professor in Hydraulic Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineer from Agder Engineering College, a MSc and PhD in Civil Engineering from NTNU. He has in addition a master's degree in Technology management from NTNU / NHH / MiT.

Oddbjørn has more than 10 years of varied experience from research in polar hydrology, snow processes and snow as a resource in power production. He has worked for several years as a consultant with everything from water supply to waste management and has since 2012 lectured at NTNU, from 2016 as professor with responsibility for the international master's program "Hydropower Development".

His research interests range from digital transformation in watercourse management, flood forecasting, warning and prevention, snow as a resource for hydropower and recreation, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, and multipurpose interests in watercourses.

Oddbjørn is the initiator and project manager for one of NTNU's strategic portefolio projects World of Wild Waters

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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