Background and activities

I am a PhD student at Department of Interdisciplinary Studies on Culture, Centre for Technology and Society. My project is part of FME CINELDI (Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution).

My PhD project is looking into research on smart electricity grids. More specifically, I will study how the concept of end-user flexibility gets shaped in the Norwegian context.

I received my Master’s degree from the Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo. My focus was on household energy consumption and decentralized energy systems. In my Master thesis I looked at Mexican households with a solar photovoltaic system, examining the relationship between the photovoltaic electricity production and the electricity-consuming practices of those households. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Aalto University, Finland, and a Bachelor degree in Social Psychology from the University of Helsinki.

Research interests:

  • Smart grids
  • Households as actors in energy systems
  • Digitalisation and energy services
  • Interdisciplinarity in the field of energy
  • Decentralised energy systems
  • Consumption practices
  • Energy Transitions

I have also researched the impact that tourism has on food consumption in Vietnam, and worked several semesters as seminar leader in Development Studies and Contemporary Development in Asia

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Pitkänen, Outi. (2018) Passive power? Domesticating solar photovoltaic systems in Querétaro, Mexico. Universitetet i Oslo. 2018.


  • Hansen, Arve; Nguyen, Binh; Pitkänen, Outi. (2021) Feeding (and eating) a tourist boom: Geographies of food and development in Hoi An, Vietnam. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2021 ; 2021-08-31 - 2021-09-03.
  • Pitkänen, Outi. (2021) Expecting the fully electric society - Experts’ expectations on system changes needed to enroll households into providing flexibility to the Norwegian electric grid. NorSTS 2021 ; 2021-05-20 - 2021-05-21.
  • Pitkänen, Outi. (2021) Implementering av sluttbrukerfleksibilitet i norske husholdninger. Statnettdag ved NTNU ; 2021-04-12 - 2021-04-12.
  • Valler, Thea Marie; Pitkänen, Outi. (2020) Asianettverket Annual MA Course 2020. Asia Week . Asianettverket, UiO; Skyen/UiO. 2020-12-12 - 2020-12-13.