Background and activities

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from NTNU. My PhD thesis was titled: "Integration by Infrastructuring: The Case of Subsea Environmental Monitoring in Oil and Gas Offshore Operations". In 2014 I have been a visiting researcher at the University of Edinburgh and the IT University in Copenhagen. 

I sit in the management team of the project InfraData ("Infrastructuring Internet of Things For Public Governance") with the University of Oslo. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. 

My primary research interest is the study of the empirical challenges of implementing and maintaining ICT-based platforms and information infrastructures from a sociotechnical perspective. I am also particularly interested in the methodological stakes when studying distributed and long-term arrangements like infrastructures and platforms. Methodologically, I adopt an ethnographic approach based on an interpretive perspective

Theoretically, I am particulary concerned with issues of system integration and standardization. I draw primarily on IS and CSCW theories, but my work is also influenced by Science and Technology Studies (STS). 

Empirically, my focus is on three different strands:

1) the oil and gas sector, where I have studied the case of subsea environmental monitoring during well operations. This work is carried out as part of the Sirius center for research-based innovation (2016-2023) and the Digital Oil project (2012-2016). During my PhD (2012-2014) I was part of the Center for Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry.

2) long-term ecological research, as part of the "InfraData: Infrastructuring Internet of Things for Public Governance", in cooperation with the University of Oslo, and the MULTICS project in cooperation with the University of Oulu. I also sit in the management team of the InfraData project funded by the IKTPLUSS program by the Norwegian Research Council. 

3) digitalization of drug development and distrubution in the EU, in particular related to the fight against medicine counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical supply chain. This research theme is in collaboration with the D3 project led by the London School of Economics.

I am also in the Advisor Board of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) since 2017. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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