Background and activities

I am Associate Professor in CSCW and Digital Collaboration at the Department of Computer Science, NTNU. I am affiliated with the Applied Information Technologies (AIT) group. I coordinate the Digital Enterprise Research Priority Area at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from NTNU. My PhD thesis was titled: "Integration by Infrastructuring: The Case of Subsea Environmental Monitoring in Oil and Gas Offshore Operations".

My primary research interest is the study of the empirical challenges of implementing and maintaining sustainable ICT-based platforms and information infrastructures from a sociotechnical perspective. This includes the study of the work of data science and data curation. I am also particularly interested in the methodological stakes when studying distributed and long-term arrangements like infrastructures and platforms. Methodologically, I adopt an ethnographic approach based on an interpretive perspective. 

Theoretically, I am particularly concerned with issues of system integration and data management. I draw primarily on IS and CSCW theories, but my work is also influenced by Science and Technology Studies (STS). I have recently published in MIS Quarterly, CSCW Jorunal, Science and Technology Studies Journal, the International Conference on IS, European Conference on IS, and the Scandinavian Journal of IS.

I am in the management team of the research network AlgoCult ("Algorithmic Cultures and the Digitalization of the Public Sector"), in cooperation with Kristiania University College the University of Oslo, funded by the SAMKUL program of the Norwegian Research Concil (2018-2019). 

Empirically, my focus is currently on different domains, for example:

  • digitalization of work processes in the energy sector, primarily subsea environmental monitoring during oil and gas operations, resource exploration, and operations
  • long-term ecological research.

I am affiliated with the Sirius center for research-based innovation (2016-2024).

I sit in the Advisor Board of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) since 2017. I am the representative of Norway in the board of the IRIS Association since 2017.

I am currently supervising 2 PhD students and 7 master students.

In Spring 2020 I teach the following courses:

  • DIFT1005 (campus-based) & INFT1008 (online-based) - Datstøttet Samhandling (in Norwegian; responsbile for CSCW module); with Birgit Krogstie (course responsible) and Geir Ove Rosvold
  • TDT4257 Digital Service Innovation (assignment coordinator); with Eric Monteiro (course responsible)

Other courses that I have been involved in:

  • TDMA5004 - Planlegging av forskningsprosjekt (Lecturer; in Norwegian)
  • IT3010 - Research-based Innovation Methodologies in Computer and Information Science (Lecturer)
  • DT111 - Empirical Software Engineering (in conjunction with IT3010) (Lecturer)
  • TDT4257 - Digital Service Innovation (Assignment coordinator and lecturer)
  • IT1604 - Digitalt Sammfunn (Lecturer; in Norwegian)


Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database


  • Parmiggiani, Elena; Grisot, Miria. (2020) Data Curation as Governance Practice. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. vol. 32 (1).
  • Dahl-Jørgensen, Tangni Cunningham; Parmiggiani, Elena. (2020) Platformization of the public sector: Assessing the space of possibility for participation. PDC '20: Participatory Design Conference 2020 - Participation Otherwise.