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Digital Enterprise

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The Digital Enterprise focuses on generating knowledge on the changes, implications, and consequences of digital technology design and use in organizations, organization ecosystems, the economy, businesses, and the society at large.

It is a highly cross-disciplinary and inclusive area, and it encompasses both the private and the public sector. 

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Strategic Research Area

The Digital Enterprise is a joint initiative by the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electronic Systems, the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, and the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

This strategic research area is hosted by the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

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Research projects

The Digital Enterprise acts as an umbrella that covers several national and international projects and research centers. Here are some highlights.

Digital transformation:

Service innovation and enterpreneurship:

Energy sector:

Public sector:

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The Digital Enterprise collaborates with private and public organizations at the national and international level.

How do we work with organizations? Typically the company contributes to the research or teaching activities of our researchers. In other cases, the partnership can translate into a joint application for external funding opportunities.

How do we interact with research partners? Usually a research partner co-authors a paper with one of our researchers or may contribute to a research funding proposal.