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  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Rekdalsbakken, Webjørn. (2020) AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION OF PATIENT ADAPTED ORTHOPAEDIC BRACES USING 3D -MODELLING TECHNOLOGY. Proceedings of the 34th International ECMS - Conference on Modelling and Simulation - ECMS 2020.
  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Dalen, Andreas F.; Rekdalsbakken, Webjørn. (2018) A novel way of efficient adaption of orthopaedic braces using 3D technology. Proceeding of the 1st IEEE international conference on industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPS 2018)..
  • Mork, Ola Jon; Hansen, Irina-Emily; Kleppe, Paul Steffen. (2016) University-Industry Collaboration Concept for Master Thesis Projects, Learning Outcome and Knowledge Triangle Development. SEFI Annual Conference: Engineering Education on Top of the World: Industry University Cooperation.


  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Romundstad, Stine Sønåsen; Røssevold, Steffen Skjong. (2020) Smartere Transport - Sluttrapport arbeidspakke A1.2 - NTNU Ålesund. 2020.