Background and activities

Paul Steffen Kleppe is an assistant professor in engineering design and manufacturing at the Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering at NTNU in Ålesund. He has a professional background as a design engineer managing CAD, CAE and PDM systems. He now teaches courses in product design and manufacturing, and his research is focused towards design for automatic manufacturing.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Rekdalsbakken, Webjørn. (2020) AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION OF PATIENT ADAPTED ORTHOPAEDIC BRACES USING 3D -MODELLING TECHNOLOGY. Proceedings of the 34th International ECMS - Conference on Modelling and Simulation - ECMS 2020.
  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Dalen, Andreas F.; Rekdalsbakken, Webjørn. (2018) A novel way of efficient adaption of orthopaedic braces using 3D technology. Proceeding of the 1st IEEE international conference on industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPS 2018)..
  • Mork, Ola Jon; Hansen, Irina-Emily; Kleppe, Paul Steffen. (2016) University-Industry Collaboration Concept for Master Thesis Projects, Learning Outcome and Knowledge Triangle Development. SEFI Annual Conference: Engineering Education on Top of the World: Industry University Cooperation.


  • Kleppe, Paul Steffen; Romundstad, Stine Sønåsen; Røssevold, Steffen Skjong. (2020) Smartere Transport - Sluttrapport arbeidspakke A1.2 - NTNU Ålesund. 2020.