Background and activities

Bruheim group focuses on Deep Phenotyping of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model systems using Advanced Cultivation Technology and Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics, Fluxomics and Lipidomics. Bruheim is scientific leader of the NT faculty Mass Spectrometry lab ( We have developed a suite of target and non-target MS methods ( which we apply on a range of biological model systems and research questions.


TBT4140 Biochemical Engineering, TBT4500 Biotechnology Specialization Project, TBT4505 Biotechnology Specialization Course, TBT4170 Biotechnology, TBT4150 Biochemical Engineering Plant Design,  BT8105 Prokaryote Molecular Biology and Synthetic Biology, MEDT8010 Metabolomics - Methods and Applications

Current  projects:

NFR Digital Life/ Biotek2021: "AurOmega - Microbial production of omega-3 fatty acids - a model based approach" (Okt17-Mar21)

NFR/ Era-SysApp: “WINESYS – GMO free systems optimization of wine yeast for wine production by massive scale directed evolution” (Jul15 – Jan19)

NFR Digital Life/ Biotek2021: “DigiSal – Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to e pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture” (Jan16 - Jun20)

NFR Digital Life/ Biotek 2021: “INBioPharm - Integrated Novel Natural Product Discovery and Production Platform for Accelerated Biopharmaceutical Innovation from Microbial Biodiversity” (Jan16 - Jun20)

NTNU Enabling Biotechnology: “Development and Application of Fluxomics tools for the study of cellular phenotypes” (Aug15-Jul19)

NFR/ Era-IB: “Zfuels – A novel bacterial system with integrated micro-bubble distillation for the production of acetaldehyde “ (Mar16-Oct19)

NTNU MedTek: “Novel cancer targets and drugs from high-throughput molecular and systems biology” (2011 – ongoing collaboration with professor Marit Otterlei, IKM, DMF; NTNU)

NTNU IBT PhD: “Inhibition of antibiotic resistance development through targeting bacterial translesion synthesis mechanism with novel peptide drugs” (2017-2020)

NTNU Helse: “Inhibition of bacterial mutagenesis and attacking a new antibacterial target with novel peptides and small molecules” (2017-2020)

IBT NTNU: “Genetic and molecular investigation of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeasts” (2013 – ongoing MSc projects)

ad hoc Metabolomics/ Fluxomics/Lipidomics projects (NT-faculty, NTNU, National, International)

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