Background and activities

I am a PhD student at the Industrial Ecology Programme of NTNU. I work on modelling the impacts of invasive species on marine ecosystems. Invasive species are often introduced to their new environment by transport in the global shipping sector or through rafting (e.g., attached to plastic debris). Newly introduced species that meet no or few challenges in an ecosystem may harm the biodiversity by outcompeting other species, over-feeding, or transmitting new diseases, amongst other things. These impacts need to be quantified if we are to apply a holistic view of anthropogenic impacts on life in our oceans and will be done so within the LCA framework. My current assignment is to develop the characterization factors that will allow a quantification of the impacts from invasive species.

I have a BSc in Environmental Engineering from DTU (Vand, bioressourcer og miljømanagement) followed by a Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering (Residual Resources, DTU/NTNU) which I finished in summer 2021.