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Industrial Ecology Programme

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    IndEcol is an interdisciplinary research programme specialized in environmental sustainability analysis. About IndEcol


Research highlights

Sand Paper.

21.05.2021. Is crushed Norwegian rock the solution to the global sand crisis? A new publication Sustainability of the global sand system in the urban era co-authored by Mark Simoni and Daniel Müller in One Earth.

Nature photo

18.02.2021.  New publication at Nature Sustainability: The land–energy–water nexus of global bioenergy potentials from abandoned cropland. Authors: Jan Sandstad Næss, Otavio Cavalett & Francesco Cherubini.

Five professors

09.03.2021. Five professors from Industrial Ecology ranked among the top 2% Scientists in the world according to Sandford’s University list. This study measures the high-quality research performed in the field of Environmental Sciences of our group.

Figure:GHG emissions from material production

15.02.2021. The carbon footprint of materials production has risen from 5 billion tons CO2e in 1995 to 11.5 billion tons in 2015, driven mostly by investment, according to a paper in Nature Geoscience by Edgar G. Hertwich.

Fig. 1: GHG emissions from material production

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