Background and activities

I am an associate professor of Nordic linguistics in the Department og Language and Literature. I am a member of the AcqVA research group and the GenVAC research project. The GenVAC project investigates variation, acquisition and change in the grammatical gender of Norwegian nouns, especially with respect to the feminine gender, which is currently undergoing language change.

I received my PhD in Nordic linguistics in 2019 from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), supervised by professor Tor A. Åfarli and professor Terje Lohndal. In my dissertation I study the grammar of Norwegian compound words.

I have teaching experience from NTNU and UiO, where I have taught on a range of subjects related to grammar, Norwegian as a second language, dialectal variation and theories of science. I supervise students on BA, MA and PhD level.

Courses spring 2022


Research interests

  • Grammar of Norwegian
  • Syntax and morphology
  • Dialectal variation
  • Argument structure
  • Grammatical gender
  • Sami languages
  • Multilingualism and code switching
  • Theories of science





Scientific, academic and artistic work

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