Ragnhild Lyngved Staberg

Associate Professor Department of Teacher Education
+47 73559870
Rotvoll Bygg C, Trondheim

Background and activities

Subject field

Biology (Cell biology, genetics, plant physiology, biotechnology)

Elementary chemistry

Science education

Teaching and guidance

Science 1, Science 2, Kompetanse for kvalitet (KFK-cources)
Mainly grades 5-10
Master science education


European Union funded projects (Norwegian partner; Sør-Trøndelag University College/NTNU): 

PRIMAS - Promoting inquiry in mathematics and science education across Europe, 2010-2013. www.primas-project.eu 

MaSciL -  Mathematics and Science for life, 2013-2016 (HiST is leading WP9 “Teacher communication”). www.mascil-project.eu

FaSMed  – Improving progress for lower achievers through Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education, 2014-2016 (HiST is leading WP5 “Cross country case study analysis”). http://fasmed.hist.no/

Intercultural learning in mathematics and science initial teacher education 
2016-2019, ERASMUS+

Literacy og faglighet i skole og arbeidsliv (HiST/NTNU), 2016 - 2023. One of five NTNU HiST funded Research and development areas of commitment/priority areas. Subproject Scientific literacy.

Forskerspirer med leselyst og skrivekløe (Sør-Trøndelag University College), 2009 - 2013. In collaboration with the University of Oslo, The Norwegian Centre for Science Education (Forskerføtter og leserøtter, Utdanning 2020-project). FoU local funds (HiST).

Utbruddsetterforskning. Evaluation of an education module at HiST, AFT, 2011-2012. In collaboration with Sør-Trøndelag University College, The Faculty of Technology, Department of Food Technology. This project won HiSTs’ “Læringsmiljø- og studiekvalitetspris» in 2014.

Biologi for grunnskolelærere, 2010-2011. Textbook project initiated by Gyldendal Akademisk, funded by The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association (NFF). 

Somatic embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum. Biological investigations and educational aspects of cloning, 1999 – 2008. NFR-funded project (dr.scient-project).

Boards and committees

  • Member of the board in NNN – Nasjonalt nettverk for naturfagutdanning, Norway, 2009-present
  • Coordinator of the science department, HiST, ALT. August 2013 – present.
  • Coordinator / leader of the team working with science teacher education at HiST, autumn 2013.
  • A number of committee works in connection with hiring and promotion applications.
  • Development of and teaching within a master degree in science education at HiST/NTNU, 2004-13.
  • Leader of Mascil WP9 since January 2015
  • Coordinator of the team working with a NOKUT-application for accreditation of a “Masters degree in science education”, HiST, FLT, 2015

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Grindeland, John Magne; Lyngved, Ragnhild; Tandberg, Cato. (2012) Biologi for lærere: Naturfag i grunnskolelærerutdanningen 5.-10. trinn. Gyldendal Akademisk. 2012. ISBN 978-82-05-39689-0.

Part of book/report

  • Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Sikko, Svein Arne; Dahl, Heidi; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2016) Enhancing Teachers’ Professional Knowledge in Connecting the World of Work to Inquiry Based Science Teaching: Case of Norway. Conference proceedings. New perspectives in science education.
  • Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2016) Implementing IBL and WoW in primary science in Norway. Science Education Research: Engaging learners for a sustainable future..
  • Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved; Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Sikko, Svein Arne. (2016) Brine. Mathematics and Science in Life: Inquiry Learning and the World of Work.
  • Ariza, Marta R.; Aguirre, Daniel; Quesada, Antonio; Abril, Ana M.; Javier, F.; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2013) Keep it cold!. Inquiry-based learning in maths and science classes. What it is and how it works - examples - experiences.
  • Munkebye, Eli; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2013) Animal footprint. Inquiry-based learning in maths and science classes. What it is and how it works - examples - experiences.
  • Lyngved, Ragnhild; Pepin, Birgit; Sikko, Svein Arne. (2012) Working with teachers on inquiry based learning (IBL) and mathematics and science tasks. FoU i Praksis 2011. Rapport fra konferanse om praksisrettet FoU i lærerutdanning. Trondheim, 26. og 27. april 2011.
  • Hvoslef-Eide, Anne Kathrine; Olsen, Odd Arild Sollien; Lyngved, Ragnhild; Munster, Cristel; Heyerdahl, Petter Hieronymus. (2005) Bioreactor design for propagation of somatic embryos. Liquid Culture Systems for in vitro Plant Propagation, Eds AK Hvoslef-Eide & W Preil.