Background and activities

Subject field

Biology (Cell biology, genetics, plant physiology, biotechnology)

Elementary chemistry

Science education

Teaching and guidance

Science 1, Science 2, Kompetanse for kvalitet (KFK-cources)
Mainly grades 5-10
Master science education


European Union funded projects (Norwegian partner; Sør-Trøndelag University College/NTNU): 

PRIMAS - Promoting inquiry in mathematics and science education across Europe, 2010-2013. 

MaSciL -  Mathematics and Science for life, 2013-2016 (HiST is leading WP9 “Teacher communication”).

FaSMed  – Improving progress for lower achievers through Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education, 2014-2016 (HiST is leading WP5 “Cross country case study analysis”).

Intercultural learning in mathematics and science initial teacher education 
2016-2019, ERASMUS+

Literacy og faglighet i skole og arbeidsliv (HiST/NTNU), 2016 - 2023. One of five NTNU HiST funded Research and development areas of commitment/priority areas. Subproject Scientific literacy.

Forskerspirer med leselyst og skrivekløe (Sør-Trøndelag University College), 2009 - 2013. In collaboration with the University of Oslo, The Norwegian Centre for Science Education (Forskerføtter og leserøtter, Utdanning 2020-project). FoU local funds (HiST).

Utbruddsetterforskning. Evaluation of an education module at HiST, AFT, 2011-2012. In collaboration with Sør-Trøndelag University College, The Faculty of Technology, Department of Food Technology. This project won HiSTs’ “Læringsmiljø- og studiekvalitetspris» in 2014.

Biologi for grunnskolelærere, 2010-2011. Textbook project initiated by Gyldendal Akademisk, funded by The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association (NFF). 

Somatic embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum. Biological investigations and educational aspects of cloning, 1999 – 2008. NFR-funded project (dr.scient-project).

Boards and committees

  • Member of the board in NNN – Nasjonalt nettverk for naturfagutdanning, Norway, 2009-present
  • Coordinator of the science department, HiST, ALT. August 2013 – present.
  • Coordinator / leader of the team working with science teacher education at HiST, autumn 2013.
  • A number of committee works in connection with hiring and promotion applications.
  • Development of and teaching within a master degree in science education at HiST/NTNU, 2004-13.
  • Leader of Mascil WP9 since January 2015
  • Coordinator of the team working with a NOKUT-application for accreditation of a “Masters degree in science education”, HiST, FLT, 2015

Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications


  • Grindeland, John Magne; Lyngved, Ragnhild; Tandberg, Cato. (2012) Biologi for lærere: Naturfag i grunnskolelærerutdanningen 5.-10. trinn. Gyldendal Akademisk. 2012. ISBN 978-82-05-39689-0.

Part of book/report

  • Sikko, Svein Arne; Gjøvik, Øistein; Cyvin, Jardar; Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2017) ‘Walking a graph’ – primary school students’ experimental session on functions and graphs. Proceedings of the Tenth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME10).
  • Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Sikko, Svein Arne; Dahl, Heidi; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2016) Enhancing Teachers’ Professional Knowledge in Connecting the World of Work to Inquiry Based Science Teaching: Case of Norway. Conference proceedings. New perspectives in science education.
  • Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2016) Implementing IBL and WoW in primary science in Norway. Science Education Research: Engaging learners for a sustainable future..
  • Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved; Febri, Maria Immaculata Maya; Sikko, Svein Arne. (2016) Brine. Mathematics and Science in Life: Inquiry Learning and the World of Work.
  • Ariza, Marta R.; Aguirre, Daniel; Quesada, Antonio; Abril, Ana M.; Javier, F.; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2013) Keep it cold!. Inquiry-based learning in maths and science classes. What it is and how it works - examples - experiences.
  • Munkebye, Eli; Staberg, Ragnhild Lyngved. (2013) Animal footprint. Inquiry-based learning in maths and science classes. What it is and how it works - examples - experiences.
  • Lyngved, Ragnhild; Pepin, Birgit; Sikko, Svein Arne. (2012) Working with teachers on inquiry based learning (IBL) and mathematics and science tasks. FoU i Praksis 2011. Rapport fra konferanse om praksisrettet FoU i lærerutdanning. Trondheim, 26. og 27. april 2011.
  • Hvoslef-Eide, Anne Kathrine; Olsen, Odd Arild Sollien; Lyngved, Ragnhild; Munster, Cristel; Heyerdahl, Petter Hieronymus. (2005) Bioreactor design for propagation of somatic embryos. Liquid Culture Systems for in vitro Plant Propagation, Eds AK Hvoslef-Eide & W Preil.