Background and activities

Fields of interest:

  • Hydrogen and natural gass use in metal production
  • Extractive metallurgy of silicon, ferroalloys, iron and steel,...
  • Purification of silicon for solar applications; vacuum refining, slag refining, gas refining, etc.
  • Production of alumina 
  • Thermodynamics and phase relations in metallurgical systems
  • Kinetics of metallurgical reactions (reduction, oxidation, gasification, evaporation, ...)
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Carbon materials and their properties for metallurgical processes
  • Transport phenomena in metallurgy (heat transfer and mass transfer)
  • Metallurgical lab; metallurgical furnaces, experimental design, and materials characterization 


MT8200 - Advanced Chemical Metallurgy (

TKP4158- Hydrometalluirgical process technology (

TKJ4162-Physical Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics (


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