Resources, Energy & Environment


IMT melting room with Thomas Brynjulfsen and Dmitriy Slizowskiy. Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU


The recycling of metals is a modern field in metallurgy. The Resources, Energy & Environment group recycles all types of metals such as iron, silicon, aluminum and rare earth elements. Many products contain metals that are challenging to extract. A mobile phone contains 60 metals, all very difficult to extract to the pure form of the metal. The research group works on solving such recycling challenges.

SiManTi is a group of high-temperature-process students, PhD candidates and Postdocs studying silicon, manganese, titanium oxide, aluminum and other interesting research areas. The SiManTi group belongs to the Metal Production and Recycling Research Group. The goal of the group is to enjoy studying and personal development.

The periodical table of global average recycled content for 60 metals.