Background and activities

I am a renewable energy specialist primarily involved in teaching and research within energy technologies. My research interest encompasses thermochemical and biochemical conversion of biomass, and energy system modeling using PVSyst, HOMER, SuperPro, etc. Besides, I am also interested in solar energy and life cycle assessment of engineering applications relevant to renewable energy technologies. I have experimental background on using data acquisition tool (e.g. LabView) together with building experimental set-ups suitable for investigation of different aspects of producer gas and biogas production, upgradation and optimization techniques. Based on experimental findings, I publish research articles (link below). Also, I have been involved in scientific review and research grant proposal writing. I have gained experience from both academia and industry (e.g. paper manufacturing, beverage, process analysis using CFD, etc.) since obtained my bachelor’s degree on Mechanical Engineering in 2002. I am today a faculty member (Associate Professor) from the department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering at NTNU, Gjøvik.

My Ph.D. from University of Agder (Norway) was on optimization of producer gas by means of different modes of gasification (e.g. fixed bed and fluidized bed reactor techniques) using various biomass feedstock types (e.g. woody, grassy, etc.). In my postdoc (at NTNU, Trondheim), I looked at biogas upgradation possibilities by injecting H2 to live anaerobic digestion processes operating at different conditions and scales.

I was involved in teaching bachelor and master level courses (e.g. turbulent flow analysis, biogas technology, measurement and instrumentation, and renewable energy) across my stays in different research institutions throughout Europe (e.g. KTH, University of Udine, Aarhus University and NTNU), and was or currently responsible for teaching thermodynamics, sustainable energy, and bio - and solar energy courses (listed below).

ENE2031 - Thermodynamics (Spring, 2019 & 2020)   

ENE2002 - Sustainable Energy 2 (Autumn, 2019)

FENG1001 - Renewable Energy Basics (dual semester) 

BIFEN39 - Bachelor thesis in Renewable Energy (Spring semester) - current

TØL4018 - Renewable Energy Technology (master level) 

INGG1001 - Introduction to the Engineering Profession 

FENG/FENT/FENA 2021 - Solar Energy (every autumn semester) 

FENG/FENT/FENA 2022- Bioenergy (every spring semester)  - current

Ongoing projects as a project leader:

  • BIOGASPLAS (ends in 2022)
  • BioELEC ( ends in 2024) - project partners: TALTECH and EMU (Estonia)

Ongoing other projects:

  • IRinGIFT (ends in 2024) - project co-ordinator: STU (Slovakia)

Current PhD projects:

  • Biomass to electricity, heat and hydrogen (BEHHYD) - (main supervisor of the PhD fellow Richard Ochieng)
  • Energy efficiency in biogas production processes - (co-supervisor of the PhD fellow Seyedbehnam Hashemi

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Lamb, Jacob Joseph; Sarker, Shiplu; Lien, Kristian Myklebust; Hjelme, Dag Roar. (2017) On-line monitoring of volatile fatty acids and hydrogen during anaerobic digestion. 3rd Conference on Monitoring & Process Control of Anaerobic Digestion Plants ; 2017-03-29 - 2017-03-30.