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I teach mathematics education. I bring with me background in mathematics education, applied mathematics and philosophy. I research relation between mathematics and democracy, learning of mathematics within situations of diversity and proof and argumentaion processes involved in learning and teaching of mathematics. (see the links: and

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Journal publications

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  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2012) Learning of mathematics among Pakistani immigrant children in Barcelona: A sociocultural perspective. Opening the Cage: Critique and Politics of Mathematics Education.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2011) Permet el neoliberalisme el treball cooperatiu?. Treball cooperatiu: Utopia o realitat?.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2011) Transition processes of immigrants youths in the multicultural context in Catalonia: A case study. Spheres of diversities: From concept to policy.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2010) Mathematics from the perspective of critical sociology. Critical Mathematics Education: Past, Present and Future. Festschrift for Ole Skovsmose.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2010) Pakistanske forældre i København og deres uddannelsesstrategier: Et kritisk blik udenfra på praksisser i Danmark. Kultur og etnicitet på arbejde : professionelt arbejde i det flerkulturelle samfund.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali. (2006) Investigating the Interactions of Foregrounds and Backgrounds of Pakistani Danish Students in Denmark and Learning Mathematics. Tanker til tiden: Om studier af læring.
  • Baber, Sikunder Ali; Sarwar, Z.; Safdar, Q.. (2005) Network for learning: professional associations and the continuing education for teachers. Transforming Schools in Pakistan: Towards the Learning Community.


  • Xhomaqi, Brikena; Fiorelli, Jessica; O’Cuinn, Alex; Ali, Sikunder; Åström, Maria; Aunio, Pirjo; Balaž, Barbara; Cheng, Shu; Daniels, Lia; Delnoij, Laurie; Deunk, Marjolein; Felix, Sonia Martins; Gegenfurtner, Andreas; Greiff, Samuel; Gutierez, Sally; Harscher, Tina; Huang, Lihong; Kizmihok, Gabor; Obermeier, Ramona; Panadero, Ernesto; Pastore, Serafina; Raoui, Manal. (2021) Rethinking Assessments: PRIORITISING LEARNERS’ WELLBEING. 2021.