Background and activities

Research areas right now (Fluid dynamics):
Interactions between waves, turbulence and currents
Remote sensing of ocean currents
Free-surface turbulence

Honours (selected):


Artist: Principal member of prog rock band Shamblemaths (homepage, bandcamp, facebook). "Shamblemaths 2" is ranked 1# prog rock album in the world for 2021 on ProgArchive as of September 2022. Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone), guitars, vocals, sundry implements, composition and arrangement, graphic design.


Websites: see my wikipedia page and my webpage.


  • MSc ( in technical physics, NTNU 2001-2006
  • PhD in War Studies, King's College London 2006-2009
  • PhD in Quantum Physics, NTNU 2007-2011


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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