Background and activities

Sobah is an Associate Professor at the Information Systems and Software Engineering group, Department of Computer Science. Current research focus includes Smart and Sustainable Cities, Learning within and across cities and Enterprise Architecture and ecosystems. She has a PhD from NTNU and a MSc from University of Edinburgh (UK).

Sobah has broad experience in multi-disciplinary research through International and national projects; a few examples are Accelerating Learning Through Technology/NFR; DESENT, SIMOLA, ProaSense, HUMAN, MIRROR, TARGET, GALA/EU. She has experience as project manager and unit leader.

Link to recent Webinar on Designing Digital Transformation with Enterprise Architecture.

Current projects



My focus

SWELL NTNU Project Manager, Sustainable Choices for Citizens



ICT Coordination


EU H2020

Digital ecosystems for smart city services



Design mobile game to support Global Employability Skills

Learning Flexibility


Knowledge Transfer across cities



Crowdsourcing and collaboration for organisational culture change


  • TDT4252 – Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Innovation
  • TD20 – Enterprise Architecture and Smart Cities
  • TDT4857 - Experts in Teams Village on Smart Cities as Complex Systems

Sobah participates in the eNoLL working group on Mobility, evaluates research proposals as an ERC Expert and has served as a member of the Steering Committee for the Institute of Psychology, NTNU. She recently participated in a panel discussion on NTNU and Sustainability.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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