Background and activities

Former and current appointments:

Educated in Pavia, Italy (MA, 2004) and Groningen, the Netherlands (PhD, 2005-09). 'Max Weber' Fellow (2011-13) and Senior Researcher (2013-15) at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. 

Recent and ongoing projects:

  • Making gender balance from below: Stimulating gender equality among university professors (BALANSE)
  • Understanding gender balance among university professors: The shaping and reshaping of epistemic living spaces (GENDIM) (WP leader)
  • Risk in the information society: Towards epistemic justice (EpiJustInf) 
  • A digital hub on gender, the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath (ProGender) (coordinator for NTNU)
  • Responsible robotics in Europe (Robotics4EU) 
  • Mitigating diversity bias of Artificial Intelligence in the labour market (BIAS) (WP leader)



  • KULT2207/08 Gender and Norwegian culture: Paradoxes of equality
  • KULT2201 Digitalisation and social change
  • KULT2202/06 Perspectives on gender 
  • KULT8880 Research, technology & society: RRI-course Digital Life Norway
  • KULT8860/61 Speech, text & interpretation. Qualitative methodologies for researchers

In the media: Kifinfo 2019 – Kifinfo 2021 – ForskerforumNTNU HumSam – Universitetsavisa

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Moratti, Sofia. (2015) Fertility control. Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics.
  • Moratti, Sofia. (2014) Schmitz, il progressista borghese. Lo Svevo politico [Schmitz, the progressive bourgeois. Svevo's political writings]. Italo Svevo and His Legacy for the Third Millennium - Volume II: Contexts and Influences.
  • Moratti, Sofia; Vezzoni, Cristiano. (2012) Treatment Directives in the Netherlands: The Gap between Legal Regulation and Medical Practice. Self-Determination, Dignity and End-of-Life Care: Regulating Advance Directives in International and Comparative Perspective.
  • Moratti, Sofia. (2008) End-of-life decisions in Italy. Euthanasia and Law in Europe.



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  • Hesjedal, Maria Bårdsen; Moratti, Sofia. (2021) Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Assumptions, Expectations and Experiences. Webinar - Digital Transformation: How to succeed with cross-disciplinary collaboration? ; 2021-05-05.
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  • Moratti, Sofia. (2020) Vi bestemmer om glasstaket finnes. Metaforer som beskriver kvinners karriere i akademia er verken inkluderende eller maktkritiske. KIFinfo – Committee for Gender and Diversity in Research [Avis]. 2020-06-03.
  • Søraa, Roger Andre; Bruijning, Nienke; Moratti, Sofia. (2020) Movie screening: "The Stepford Wives" (1975). Introduction by Sofia Moratti. IMRO-Lab Cyborg Cinema Series . IMRO-Lab – NTNU Welfare Technology; 2020-02-27.
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