Background and activities

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. I am affiliated with the Information Systems and Software Engineering (ISSE) research group where I work with Babak A. Farshchian on the Platforms for Healthcare and Welfare Services in Municipalities (PlatVel) project. My research interests are in the areas of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Information Systems (IS), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD).

Before joining NTNU I worked as an assistant professor at COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan. In this role, I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SE) and worked on research projects in HCI and ICTD.

I hold a doctoral degree in SE from FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany, where my doctoral supervisor was Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg M. Haake. In my doctoral work, I worked on a context-based adaptive Collaboration Environment (CE). I identified four challenges faced by the end-users due to automated adaptation of the CE, namely: adaptation intelligibility, adaptation control, adaptation evaluation, and adaptation policy evolution. I proposed a socio-technical solution to address these challenges.