Background and activities

I am a PhD candidate in linguistics at the Department of Language and Literature. My PhD project investigates the acquisition of French as a third language in Norway, where most people already speak English as their second language. In my research, I use different methods, both online and offline, including self-paced reading and acceptability judgments. The aim of my project is to determine what factors influence how the native language and a second language respectively influence the acquisition of a third language. 

I am affiliated with the research groups AcqVA and FANT, and I am also a member of the Øy(e)Lab // EyeLands Lab. Since 2017, I have been teaching courses in English linguistics on campus and online (see below).



Teacher education in English and French, NTNU.



  • ENG1201 Proficiency and Grammar
  • ENG1101 Linguistics
  • ENG1001 Global English
  • ENG2123 Translation
  • ENG2153 Language Acquisition
  • ENG6010 Proficiency
  • ENG6020 Linguistics and Language Acquisition
  • ENG6023 Global English


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså; Dahl, Anne. (2017) Left Dislocation in L2 English: L1-effects at the syntax-discourse interface. 2017.


  • Sant, Charlotte; Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså; Kush, Dave Whitney. (2019) En konstruksjon vi ikke ennå forstår hva er: en korpusstudie av syntaktiske øybrudd i norsk. Møte om norsk språk (MONS18) . NTNU; Trondheim. 2019-11-27 - 2019-11-29.
  • Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså. (2018) Left Dislocation in L2 English: L1-effects at the syntax-discourse interface. 3rd Norwegian Graduate Student Conference in Linguistics and Philology . LingPhil; University of Oslo. 2018-02-15 - 2018-02-16.