Background and activities

I am a PhD student in linguistics at the Department of Language and Literature, NTNU. My project is about multilingualism, more specifically third language acquisition, and aims to investigate how one’s native language and one’s second language respectively influence the acquisition of a third language. The project focuses on the acquisition of French as a third language among native speakers of Norwegian whose second language is English.

I am a member of the research group AcqVA, and my project is also associated with FANT. Additionally, I teach courses in English linguistics on campus and online.


Research interests

  • Language acquisition
  • Syntax
  • Didactics



Teacher education in English and French, NTNU.



Since the fall of 2017 I have been a teacher in the following courses at NTNU:

  • ENG1201 Proficiency and Grammar
  • ENG1101 Linguistics
  • ENG1001 Global English
  • ENG2123 Translation
  • ENG6010 Proficiency
  • ENG6020 Linguistics and Language Acquisition


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså; Dahl, Anne. (2017) Left Dislocation in L2 English: L1-effects at the syntax-discourse interface. 2017.


  • Sant, Charlotte; Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså; Kush, Dave Whitney. (2019) En konstruksjon vi ikke ennå forstår hva er: en korpusstudie av syntaktiske øybrudd i norsk. Møte om norsk språk (MONS18) . NTNU; Trondheim. 2019-11-27 - 2019-11-29.
  • Strætkvern, Sunniva Briså. (2018) Left Dislocation in L2 English: L1-effects at the syntax-discourse interface. 3rd Norwegian Graduate Student Conference in Linguistics and Philology . LingPhil; University of Oslo. 2018-02-15 - 2018-02-16.