Background and activities


I have a masters degree in sociology from the department of sociology and political science (NTNU), with a particular focus on the institutional aspects of development projects in Malawi. In 2012 I received a PhD in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from the department of interdiciplinary studies of culture (NTNU). The thesis focussed on innovation in the Norwegian and Swedish bioenergy industries, comparing the two countries as distinct energy cultures.

Researhch interests: societal transitions and transformations

My key research interests are society-wide transformations and transitions. I aim to understand broadly how such transitions unfold, and further, how one can work to make such transitions as democratic, inclusive and responsible as possible. Underlying this is a concern for the way science, technology and society interacts, and how this tends to privilege certain voices and interests, while marginalizing others.


Much of my work on these issues deals with transitions in energy systems. I am particularly interested in the development of distributed energy systems with a high penetration of small scale renewable energy technology, and what the emergence of such systems might mean for social organization and engagement with the energy system, and with related issues such as the climate change problem. Further, I am interested in how such systems, and their associated opportunities and obstacles are interpreted by different actors across different societal arenas. How do policy makers, technology developers, incumbent actors, scientists, and technology users work to make their interests recognized across society? This leads to a focus on the many controversies associated with transitions, acknowledging that society is fraught with competing interests and visions of what a good future might be.

This interest has led me to the study of technology policy development processes, research on technology development processes, concrete design exercises as well as the use of technology.


Climate science and society

The interest for societal transformation also shines through in other research areas I am involved in, such as the study of climate scientific knowledge production and communication. One of my key interests here have been the relationship between climate science and various “publics”, and how climate scientists might work to open up and democratize their scientific practice, or at least to present a more realistic image of the working processes of scientists. A related theme is found in my interest in gender and family planning, where I am especially interested in how scientific and technological novelties might serve as enablers or repressors of new progressive practices.

I currently teach a masters course on technology, innovation and culture, and have in the past taught courses on ICT technologies and cultural change, energy and society etc. I am very happy to serve as a supervisor to interested and eager students, feel free to get in touch with interesting projects and proposals.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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