Background and activities

I am currently a PhD student and my field of interest is Norwegian Sign language, one of the minority languages of Norway.

The primary research question for this study concerns visual perspective and how it is expressed in Norwegian Sign Language (NSL). The data for the study consists of naturalistic conversations where interlocutors discuss topics such as describing how to get from one place to another and describing the layouts of buildings. This is an area of language use which so far is under-described in NSL. It is also a type of language use that second language learners of NSL struggle to acquire.

In my previous position as Assistant professor I taugh Norwegian sign language, signed language interpreting, as well as lecturing on various topics for students at NTNUs programme for signed language and interpreting. 

I am intersted in signed languages and interpreting in genera.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Ringsø, Torill; Agerup, Charlotte Helene. (2018) To profesjoner i et klasserom. Tolking - språkarbeid og profesjonsutøvelse.
  • Ringsø, Torill; Astri, Holm. (2017) Norsk tegnspråk : en del av det norske språkmangfoldet?. Mangfold gjennom anerkjennelse og inkludering i skolen.


  • Thomassen, Gøril; Ringsø, Torill. (2014) Lærere og tolkers refleksjoner rundt det tolkemedierte klasserommet. En intervjustudie. 2014.