Background and activities

I work as an associate professor at the Department of Music, where I teach ear training at the musicology program. My interests also extends to composition, arranging and music analysis.

In 2018 I finished my MA in composition at NTNU, with Ståle Kleiberg as my supervisor. I have since been active working on artistic projects in collaboration with professionals and amateurs alike.

Recent compositions:

Crossing the Event Horizon (2020) - written for the HERMESensemble

Nights Awake (2019) - for orchestra (

Black Bird Bilzen (2019) - for viola, flute (bass, piccolo) and live electronics

Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra - in Romantic Style (2019)

Pale Blue Dot (2018) - for orchestra

Mirror Images from a Childhood (I-III) (2017) - for piano solo