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Yanjun Li (Born 1970),  professor of Physical Meallurgy.  He obtained his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering (1997). He had worked as Research Metallurgist at Hydro Aluminium (2005-2007), and Senior Research Scientist at Group of Materials Physics, SINTEF M&K (2008-2013) before he joined NTNU as a full professor in 2013.

Research Fields:

  • Solidification and casting ;
  • Homogenization, Precipitation strengthening, and phase transformation;
  • SPD and bulk nc/UFG materials;
  • Grain boundary engineering;
  • Materials simualtion by first principles calculation
  • Microstructure simulation models
  • Advanced materials characterization ( SEM, (S)TEM, APT, EBSD and XRD)



  •  Scientific Director of Norwegian Laboratory of Mineral and Materials Characterization (MiMaC), a large scale national infrastructure funded by the Research Coucil of Norway. A series of state-of-the-art  instrument have been invested, including LEAP 5000XS  APT, FEG-EPMA, Automated Mineralogy System (AMS) and LA-ICP-MS, which are located at NTNU, NGU and SINTEF.



  • TMT4215, Solidificaiton and casting technology(Autum semester)
  •  TMT4166, Experimental materials Chemistry and electrochemistry (Spring semester)
  • TMT4301, Materials Characterization (Spring semester)
    MT8210, Advanced solidificaiton theory(Autum semester)


Publication and citation:

Google Scholar profile:

H-index = 33 (google scholar); 30 (Web of Science)


Present group members:



Ph.D students:

  • Simen Eliassen  (Modelling the interaction between dislocations and grain boundaries in Mc-Si)
  •  Jiawei Yang (Melt filtration of aluminium alloys under the effect of grain refinement)
  • Hanne Sofie Marie Scisly Søreide (APT characterization of precipitation and phase transformation of metal alloys)
  • Chunan Li (Atom clustering and precipitaiton behavior of 6xxx aluminium alloys)

Visiting Ph.D students 

  • Bijin Zhou (Cross grain boundary deformation transferring behavior of Mg alloys)
  • Shiwei Pan (Dispersion hardening of aluminium alloys by Zr-containing dispersoids)
  • Qingbo Yang (Precipitation behavior of Al-Cu-Li alloys) 


Former group members 


  • Aina Opsal Bakke (innovative approach for compound casting of Al/Al and Al/steel)

  • Min Zha (Development of UFG and nano structured aluminium alloys by SPD)
  • Shenbao Jin (Grain boundary engineering of Al and Ti alloys by dynamic plastic deformation) 
  • Feng Qian (Influence of impurity elements on preciptiation hardening in 3xxx and 6xxx alloys)
  • Yuanyun Zhao (Develpment of metallic glass alloys for resonator applications ) 
  • Dongdong Zhao (Modeling  the precipitation behavior of precipitates from bulk to grain boudnaries in aluminium alloys) 
  • Yijiang Xu (Development of  microstructure based electrical conductivity prediction model for 6xxx alloys)
  • Eva Mørtsell (HRTEM characterization of precipitates, grain boundaries and phase transformaton)

Ph.D students

  • Dongdong Zhao (DFT simulation on the inpurity segregation at defects in Al and Si alloys),  2014-2017
  • Yijiang Xu (Experimental and numerical modelling study on the nucleation and grain growth of inoculated aluminium alloys),  2014-2017
  • Hailong Jia (Engineering grain boudnary structuures of aluminium alloys and titanium by high strain and high strain rate deformation),  2014-2018
  • Shubo Wang (Phase transformation of metal alloys under Electric current heating effect)  2016-2020
  • Aina Opsal Bakke (Compound casting between Al and dissimillar metal alloys)  2017-2020

Former visiting researchers:

  • Dr. Yun Deng (University of Oxford)
  • Dr. Hanka Becker ( TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
  • Prof. Xiaosong Jiang (Southwest Jiaotong Unversity)
  • Prof. Hongliang Zheng (Shandong University)
  • Prof. Mingxiao Shi (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology)





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