NTNU Energy Team Battery

NTNU Energy Team Battery

NTNU Team Battery

Researchers in the battery lab. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU

NTNU Energy Team Battery is a group of battery technology experts that employ interest in interdisciplinary subjects between fabrication to recycling.

The teams main tasks are related to development of new research ideas and to coordinate the battery related activities at NTNU. The team consists of people from different university departments and collaborates with several industry partners, in addition to promoting knowledge exchange between Scandinavian universities and partners in EU-funded projects.

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Why NTNU Energy Team Battery

Why we have NTNU Energy Team Battery?

We are now on the verge of a global shift in electricity production, where many countries are opting for renewable energy sources either to combat climate change, air pollution, or simply to make use of the never-ending energy that comes from sources like the sun and wind. Considering these resources are intermittent in nature, this poses some challenges related to how we store and utilise energy. As we can only rely on solar energy during daylight and wind power when the wind blows, we need something like battery technology to store the collected energy to enable a constant supply.

We have seen an unprecedented growth in the production and distribution of electric vehicles. This has pushed a significant amount of research towards finding alternative battery materials and designs to safely improve their manufacturing processes, in addition to improving battery parameters like specific energy and energy density, i.e., how much energy is stored per weight or volume of the battery. Also, because we are utilising limited material resources within conventional batteries, recycling has attained significant attention, both to address the supply limits and to improve the sustainability of battery technology overall.