Norway-ASEAN Consortium in Risk Management for Safer and Sustainable Ocean

Norway-ASEAN Consortium in Risk Management for Safer and Sustainable Ocean (NESS)

The sea. Photo: Unsplash.


The world are seeking for more opportunities from oceans and oceanic resources, in terms of energy production, transportation and food supply etc., but almost none of the above activities is free-of-charge to the environment of ocean areas. Challenges of interest conflicts exist between sustainable management of the oceans and operations of business activities that are oriented by efficiency and profit. Such challenges are intensified when more complex technologies are applied, since complexity often means uncertainties, unforeseen events and difficulties.

Risk management is proving itself as a very useful and proactive tool for developing environmentally friendly technologies for oceans in the longer-term, but not all oceanic stakeholders have realized its usefulness. NESS is thus designed to response this need, and its topics of focus are selected in the oceanic sectors where Norway is a leading technical vendor with research competence and infrastructures, while Association of South-East Asian Nations  (ASEAN) partners have long experiences, strong interests as important customers and users of the technologies.

Objective and activities


The objective of NESS is to provide a multi-disciplinary and multi-national communication platform. Communication activities will be managed based on levels (for example dimension of impact), while each technical domain (dimension of knowledge) is required to provide inputs.

Activities and Results

The main activities of NESS include:

Onsite activities:

  • Annual onsite seminars
  • Globaladvice - dialogue meetings with local industries and governments and field trips
  • NorSØ-talk - Talks at ASEAN universities
  • Development visits from ASEAN
  • Assemblies in international conferences

Online activities:

  • E-newsletters
  • Online seminars


  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
  • University of Stavanger, Norway
  • Southeast University of Norway, Norway
  • Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
  • University of Yangon, Myanmar
  • University of Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Andalas University, Indonesia
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malasya
  • National Uni. Civil Engineering, Vietnam
  • PetroVietnam University, Vietnam
  • Mahidol University, Thailand
  • National Uni. Singapore, Singapore
  • De La Salle University, Philippines
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Cambodia