Background and activities

My research interests include the followings

  • System reliability analysis with purposes of safety and resilience
  • Product reliability engineering and warranty analysis
  • Barrier theory, engineering approaches and management
  • Prognostics and maintenance optimization 

Methods, models and approaches in the above areas are expected to be applied in selected areas, including 

  • energy industries, including oil & gas and renewable energy
  • healthcare
  • transportation

In terms of education, I am the director of 2-year International Master Program in RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). This program is very welcomed by  industries and students. Some stories of RAMS graduates can be found here

 I give several master and PhD courses in the fields: 

In terms of researches related to the energy industries, I am currently affiliated with SFI SUBRPO center and IKT project AutoPRO. 

In the field of healthcare, I am managing a GEMINI center - S3CARE (Smart, sustainable and safe healthcare), together with colleagues in NTNU EPT, SINTEF Energy and St. Olavs Hospital. I am also the chair of technical committee for the medical and healthcare industry under European Reliability and Safety Association

I am very active in international collaborations, by leading several international collaboration projects with Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Israel, and Algeria. I am also deeply participating in collaborations between Norway and France, Brazil, Italy, Tanzania, Australia, and USA. A new project led by me was just granted for networking with 8 South-Eastern Asian countries, including Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Cambodia and Singapore. Any students or colleagues who have interests in participating exchange, workshop or other activities, are welcome to contact me. 

I am working under the Production Management Group at MTP. In addition, I am the academic director of the RAMS Lab of NTNU. 

More information about my publication, supervised students, projects and other activities can be found in my CV. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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