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RAMS - Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

The RAMS group focus on four defined topics within the field of safety and reliability of complex systems:

  • Reliability assessment of barriers and safety systems
  • Implement reliability in the development of new systems, i.e. a "systems engineering" approach
  • Risk assessment of complex systems
  • Risk-based maintainability planning


Research activities

The group carries out basic as well as applied research. We have over several decades maintained a strong collaboration with the industry, in sectors ranging from oil and gas industry, railway industry, and renewable energy. More recently, we have also started a collaboration with the Norwegian Public Road Administration and joined the new center for innovation-driven research in subsea production and processing (SFI SUBPRO).


General information about our research activities


PhD dissertations with supervision from the RAMS group
Master theses with supervision from the RAMS group

29 Oct 2019