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RAMS - Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

The RAMS group focus on four defined topics within the field of safety and reliability of complex systems:

  • Reliability assessment of barriers and safety systems
  • Implement reliability in the development of new systems, i.e. a "systems engineering" approach
  • Risk assessment of complex systems
  • Risk-based maintainability planning



The group carries out basic as well as applied research. We have over several decades maintained a strong collaboration with the industry, in sectors ranging from oil and gas industry, railway industry, and renewable energy. More recently, we have also started a collaboration with the Norwegian Public Road Administration and joined the new center for innovation-driven research in subsea production and processing (SFI SUBPRO).

General information about our research activities

01 Nov 2022



Head of Research Group

Shen Yin
Professor, IEEE Fellow

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