Master theses from the RAMS group

Master theses from the RAMS group

The following is a list of master theses supervised from the RAMS group. From 2014, we have added also the name of supervisors from NTNU. Master theses are submitted in June each year.


2015 and later:  

  • The master theses supervised from RAMS group after 2015 can now be accessed from Bibsys.



  • Endre Fylling Moen (Per Schjølberg)
    Maintenance and barriers
  • Monica Bjelland (Per Schjølberg)
    Vedlikehold og vedlikeholdsindikatorer [Låst]
  • Karoline Bjune Kjølseth (Per Schjølberg)
    Overall Equipment Effectiveness og Profit Loss Indicator [Låst]
  • Petter Bjørke Børresen (Jørn Vatn, Mary Ann Lundteigen)
    Reliability Assessment of Common Cause Failures in Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Eliassen, Daniel
    Jordfeil i ROV-Umbilical: Effekten av Statisk og Dynamisk lastkarakteristikk
  • Kristoffer Dahl (Jørn Vatn, Mary Ann Lundteigen)
    Reliability Assessment of Safety-Instrumented Systems in High-Demand mode
  • Jacobsen, Lars Edward
    Condition Monitoring of Subsea Pipe Components in a Future Subsea Production Facility
  • Jigar, Abraham Almaw (Marvin Rausand)
    Quantification of Reliability Performance: Analysis Methods for Safety Instrumented System
  • Seime, Ole Jacob
    Reliability Qualification of Safety Systems in the Offshore Petroleum Industry
  • Stette, Sondre Bjørn
    Safety Functions in Different Operational Modes and IEC 61508 in the Hydropower Industry
  • Sun, Wenjing
    Determination of Beta-factors for Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Nyland, Andreas
    Spurious activation of safety-critical systems in subsea production systems (not open)
  • Børresen, Petter Bjørke
    Reliability Assessment of Common Cause Failures in Safety Instrumented Systems (not open)
  • Jacobsen, Lars Edward
    Condition Monitoring of Subsea Pipe Components in a Future Subsea Production Facility (not open)
  • Helle, Sveinung
    Reliability Assessment of Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (not open)
  • Omede, Emmanuel
    Modelling of Leak Probability Along Well Path / Outside of Casing (not open)
  • Hermann, John Kristijan 
    Vedlikehold & Profit Loss Indicator (PLI)
     (not open)
  • Høyen, Kristine Sagmo
    Suksesskriterier og relaterte utfordringer for vedlikeholdsstyringa i Statoil
     (not open)
  • Sagvolden, Erik Halsen (Jørn Vatn)
    Statistical analysis of failures and failure propagation in railway track
  • Storrønning, Trond Olsen (Jørn Vatn)
    Statistisk analyse av svikt og feilutvikling i jernbaneskinner
  • Mariathas, Tharsika
    Metodikk for beredskapsanalyse
  • Torgauten, Arve Olaf Alvik
    Classifying and Defining Operational and Organizational Aspects of Barriers for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
  • Tranberg, Anniken Resvold
    Major Accident Indicators for Drilling and Well Activities
  • Opsahl, Reidun Kristine 
    Identifying and evaluating conflicting HSE requirements in the offshore industry
     (not open)
  • Arve Olaf Alvik Torgauten
    Classifying and Defining Operational and Organizational Aspects of Barriers for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
  • Bjartnes, Magnus Woll
    Provision and Updating of Estimates of Reliability Parameters for Use in Reliability Analyses of Safety-Instrumented Systems
  • Dash, Ishita
    Provision of Reliability Data for New Technology Equipment in Subsea Production Systems
  • Danielsen, Tormod Udnæs
    Reliability and Availability Assessment of Topologies for Subsea Control Systems (not open)
  • Horpestad, Eirik
    Technology qualification of equipment in subsea production systems
  • Moen, Henrik Finnema
    Reliability Assessment of Safety Instrumented Systems: An Application Example
  • Nguyen, Thien Duy
    Modeling of Safety Functions in Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Pinker, Remi
    Improved Methods For Reliability Assessments Of Safety-Critical Systems: An Application Example For BOP Systems
  • Vardelly, Indra Praveen Kumar
    Provision of Reliability Data for New Technology: Approach for estimation of failure rate function for a sub-sea pump
  • Wang, Liaoyi
    Production Assurance and Life Cycle Cost Evaluation of Offshore Development Projects in the Conceptual Design Phase
  • Klakegg, Sondre
    Improved methods for reliability assessments of safety-critical systems: An application example for BOP systems
  • Van, Lian Uk
    Risk analysis methods within offshore wind energy
  • Kurkova, Angelina
    Evaluation of HSE practices at construction sites in developing countries
  • Amundsen, Kristian
    A method for combining well safety risk and business impact risk (not open)
  • Mediaas, Christian
    Maintenance Management and Backlog (not open)
  • Bakke, Steffen
    Datafangst som beslutningsverktøy for vedlikehold (not open)
  • Hegde, Jeevith 
    HSE Implication of Integrated Operation- Experiences from a Real Implementation (not open)
  • Myrvang, Lars
    Operation and Maintenance of Subsea Equipment in Arctic Environment (not open)
  • Budde, Silje Frost
    Modeling Blowouts During Drilling Using STAMP and STPA
  • Halseth, Inger Krohn
    Modeling process leaks using FRAM
  • Hoel, Filip
    Modeling Process Leaks Offshore Using STAMP and STPA
  • Næss, Kjetil Holter
    Modeling of Safety Barriers in Risk Analyses
  • Pettersen, Erik Røen
    Kvantifisering og aggregering av indikatorer for storulykkesrisiko
  • Syvertsen, Rolf-Arne Haugen
    Modeling the Deepwater Horizon blowout using STAMP
  • Næss, Kjetil Holter
  • Modeling of Safety Barriers in Risk Analyses
  • (Will be provided)
  • Awan, Hammad Qayyum: Maintenance and renewal optimization of power supply in the railways
  • Berg, Ingrid Almås: Design for reliability – Applied to development of subsea process systems
  • Bjørnstad, Simen: Process control and KPIs
  • Fjogstad, Martine: Maintenance in the Northern Area
  • Halseth, Anja Krohn: Condition monitoring
  • Jin, Hui: Reliability assessment of safety safety instrumented systems operating in high demand mode
  • Johansen, Inger Lise: Foundation of risk assessment
  • Mewcha, Abera Hailu: RAMS calculations for railway signaling systems
  • Nerland, Annette Smørholm: Competence with maintenance
  • Okoh, Peter: Maintenance concept database solution (MCDS)
  • Olamilehin, Olakumle: Fault tree analysis applied to SIL (Safety Integrity Level)
  • Olsen, Hanne Vatnem: Environmental risk assessment
  • Pedersen, Tine: Maintenance function
  • Riseng, Martin: RCA and modern maintenance management
  • Ruud, Karianne: Indicators for operational safety
  • Smedvik, Kjetil Andre: Root Cause analyses
  • Teng, Baiyu: Human and organizational factors when assessing risk of complex systems
  • Xie, Bin: Use of Bayesian belief networks in risk analysis











  • Thor Ketil Hallan: Risk Based Allocation of Safety Integrity Levels to Safety Instrumented Functions (Restricted)
  • Linn Therese Thun Nordhagen: Reliability Assessment of Safety-Critical Systems in Norwegian Oil and Gas Field Development Project (Restricted)






  • Hallvard Birknes: Preventive Maintenance
  • Luis Alberto Morais Da Conceicao: Cost Reduction by Use of TPM on the Tie Bolt Foundry - HAK
  • Agnes Elin Hollund: "Maintenance Optimization with Focus on Technical safety
  • Marte Jægtvik: Tools for Implementation of New Working Methods for Production Planning
  • Jessica Lundblad: Cost Analysis of Starter Truck for Aeroplanes and Helicopters
  • Tor Audun Olsen: Safety and Availability Analysis of Pressure Protection Systems for Subsea Booster Modules
  • Anders Omholt: Technical Status
  • Tone Rangnes: Maintenance and Safety
  • Frank Rafoss: Maintenance Outsourcing in Railway Applications
  • Ørjan Samuelsen: Ensuring Safety and Production
  • Lars Kristian Skårberg: Pit Stop Maintenance
  • Anders Stensli: Improvement of Competitiveness through Maintenance Optimization
  • Ole Kristian Thoresen: Spare Parts Management and Optimisation on an Oil Platform
  • Magnus Weie Ytreland: ILS and Safety
  • Mai Lien Østereng: Visibility and Reduction of the Hidden Factury
  • Torunn Jakobsen Aas: Maintenance Outsourcing in Railway Applications




  • Rune Weyer Andreassen: Safety and Reliability Assessment of Tie-in Equipment and Operations
  • Christian Baas: Overall Equipment Effectiveness -- OEE
  • Hans Magnus Buer: Reliability Data for Subsea Production Systems
  • Kjersti Eggum: Optimum Grouping Strategies for Preventive Maintenance
  • Gunnar Fernholt: Reliability Qualification of New Workover System
  • Lars Hannisdal: Cost Effective Maintenance with Use of KPI
  • Camilla Horpestad: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and safety in Subsea Control System Development
  • Herdis Albertsson Sanderud: Processes of Work; Safety and Maintenance
  • Stian Anders Solhaug Ødegaard: Reliability Management for new Subsea System Developments







  • Borg, Knut Eivind: Reliability and life cycle cost/profit assessment of intelligent well systems
  • Cathrine Elgin: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Specification of High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems
  • Guri Miljeteig: Maintenance and Safety
  • Tuan Thanh Nguyen: Can hydraulic actuators in subsea oil/gas production systems be replaced by electric actuators: A safety and reliability assessment
  • Arild Solli and Erik Lygner: Environmental Risk Indicators: Reviews and Proposals