ROSS Courses and Study Programs

ROSS Courses and Study Programs


The ROSS Gemini Centre offers world-class education programs in reliability and safety. A high number of course modules in a variety of ROSS subjects are given regularly at NTNU, ranging from introductory, to PhD level.

Master programs

Two two-years master programs are offered by the ROSS Gemini Centre:

The ROSS Gemini Centre takes part in the master program in "Management and Organization" (Organisasjon og ledelse) that is offered as continuing education - and is lectured in Norwegian. Safety and reliability is a specialization in this master program.


A number of courses relevant to ROSS are offered by NTNU. The courses are grouped into four categories:

  • MSc Courses
    - courses that are part of the Master of Science programmes at NTNU, a quick reference is found here.
  • PhD Courses
    - courses offered as part of the PhD programs at NTNU
  • Continuing education courses
    - concentrated courses offered to people outside NTNU, both in Norway and abroad. The courses may be open to all qualified participants, or tailormade to a specific customer
  • Short training courses


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RAMS International Master Program

RAMS International Master Program

The ROSS Gemini Centre offers an International master program in reliability, availability, maintainance, and safety (RAMS). This is a two-year program (four semesters) and is open to students who have completed three years of an engineering program from

  • One of the basic study programs at NTNU
  • An engineering college ("ingeniørhøgskole") in Norway
  • Similar education from outside Norway [equivalent to a bachelor degree, or 180 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)]

All lectures and lecturing material are in English. Upon completing the master programme, you receive the title "Master of Science in Engineering - Program in Reliability, Availability, Maintainance, and Safety (RAMS)"