MSc Courses at NTNU

– Relevant to the ROSS Gemini Centre


Below, you will find an incomplete list of course modules at NTNU that are lectured by the members of the ROSS Gemini Centre or are relevant to the centre's activities.


RAMS courses offered by the RAMS group:

  • TPK 4120 Safety and Reliability Analysis
  • TPK 4140 Maintenance Management
  • TPK 4450 Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Optimisation
  • TPK 5120 Elements of Model Engineering
  • TPK 5160 Risk Analysis
  • TPK 5165 RAMS Engineering and Management
  • TPK 5115 Risk Management in Projects
  • TPK 5170 RAMS Assessment of Critical Systems

Courses offered by other ROSS members:

  • TIØ 4200 Safety, Health and Environment - Safety Management
  • TIØ 4205 Safety, Health and Environment - Methods and Tools in SHE Practice
  • TIØ 4290 Environmental and Safety Management in Public Administration and Industry
  • TIØ 4725 Safety, Health and Environment, Specialization
  • TIØ 4185 Safety, Health and Environment - Non-Industrial Work Environment
  • TIØ 4190 Safety, Health and Environment - Industrial Work Environment
  • TIØ 4195 Safety, Health and Environment - Environmental Science and Management
  • TIØ 4210 Health and Working Life
  • TMR 4130 Risk analysis and safety management of maritime transport
  • SOS 2017 Sikkerhet og organisasjon (Safety and Organization)
  • TMR 4260 Safe operation and maintenance

Courses that can support education in reliability, safety/risk, and maintenance

  • TMA 4275 Lifetime Analysis
  • TBA 4300 Road Traffic Safety and Urban Environment
  • TGB 4220 Working Environment and Safety in Heavy Industry
  • TDT 4235 Software Quality and Process Improvement
  • TMR 4260 Safe operation and maintenance
  • TBA 4175 Fire Technology
  • TTM 4120 Dependable Systems
  • TTM 4110 Dependability and Performance with Discrete Event Simulation
  • TTM 4135 Information Security
  • TTM 4720 Dependability and Performance Evaluation, Specialization

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RAMS International Master Program

The ROSS Gemini Centre offers an International master program in reliability, availability, maintainance, and safety (RAMS). This is a two-year program (four semesters) and is open to students who have completed three years of an engineering program from

  • One of the basic study programs at NTNU
  • An engineering college ("ingeniørhøgskole") in Norway
  • Similar education from outside Norway [equivalent to a bachelor degree, or 180 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)]

All lectures and lecturing material are in English. Upon completing the master programme, you receive the title "Master of Science in Engineering - Program in Reliability, Availability, Maintainance, and Safety (RAMS)"