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Energy and Process Engineering

The Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU, is an international driving force within education and research on the total energy chain from resource to customer. We work on how to produce energy which can be used by man and machine in a sustainable way, taking into consideration health, climate changes and available resources. 

The Department has five specialist groups:


NTNU EPT with strong contribution in the new IPCC report

Sunday April 13th the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their new report on "Mitigation of Climate Change". Two of the authors are from NTNU EPT, Professor Edgar Hertwich and Professor Daniel Beat Müller. The other three NTNU EPT employers who have also contributed to the report Ryan Bright, Francesco Cherubini, Thomas Gibon and Anders Hammer Strømman. Read list of media clips.


New funding to Master education on Balkan

Balkan visit8,5 million NOK to a project consisting of eight universities in five countries in the Western Balkans.


Disputation Monica Berner

Photo of Minica BernerMonica Berner held her trial lecture and defended her PhD thesis on 09.04.14. The title of the thesis is: «System, Methods and Credible Data for Calculating Primary Energy Efficiency for Energy Systems with Special Focus on Energy Systems Applying CHP-Technology with Bio based Fuel».


Disputation Dmitry Lysenko

Picture of Dmitry LysenkoDmitry Lysenko held his trial lecture and defended his PhD thesis on 13.03.14. The title of the thesis is: «On Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows and Combustion».


7,5 million NOK to innovative engine technology

A research project between NTNU and Warsaw University of Technology has recently received 7,5 million in funding from the Norway Grants (EEA Grants). The aim is to create an innovative engine, which could be put in electrical cars to help them to extend their range and be more efficient.


Trygve Eikevik granted Tekna honorary award

Picture of Trygve EikevikThe award is granted to persons who have given a notable contribution to develop Tekna's technical offers and ensure the member's technical interests.


Disputation Lilian Daniel Kaale

Picture of Lilian Daniel KaaleLilian Daniel Kaale held her trial lecture and defended her PhD thesis on 18.02.14. The title of the thesis is: «Modelling and Ice Crystallization/Recrystallization of Foods in Superchilling Technology. Superchilling of Atlantic Salmon»

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