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Industry, employees and students are invited to a one-day seminar on future-focused research, education and career paths at NTNU - Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT)

EPT Day 2024

When: 19 November (tentative date)

As a former student/employee you will receive an invitation if you are a member of NTNU alumni. EPT employees and students will receive a personal invitation. 

EPT Day 2023

The second EPT Day was Tuesday 14 November, in Kjelhuset Kjel 2:

EPT Day 2022

The first EPT Day was on 1 December, in Kjelhuset Kjel1:

What our visitors said

What our visitors said

"Motivating to see where all the different people who studied at NTNU ended up and all the different career paths." (student)
"Good place to meet student/PhD student for further potential hiring." (NTNU Alumni member)

"Extremely thrilling to hear what's going on at the Department and not to mention how important this research is for society and our future." (NTNU employee)