Field station Frøya

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Field station Frøya


We conduct full scale experimentation on wind and wind turbines out in the field on field station Frøya.


  • The VIVA Wind Turbine Test Site at Valsneset, Bjugn
  • The NTNU Wind Measurement Station at Titran, Frøya. Two 100-meter + one 45-meter Met-mast at the Skipheia measuring station + one 45-meter mast at the Sletningen islet.

Wind and RotorSegments




Experimentation on:

  • Efficiency of 3 MW Wind Turbines
  • Wind characteristics e.g. duration and spatial size of Wind Gusts

Power and Efficiency versus equivalent wind speed

Case: big storm "Ivar"

The big storm "Ivar" visited Valsneset in Dec 2013. Blue curves give 10-min averages measured at 11 heights using a LiDAR. Red curves give max speed within each 10-min interval.


Probability Distribution Function

Measured wind speed on the abscissa, and probability on the ordinate, with curve-fit using the Weibull distribution.

23 Sep 2019

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