A postgraduate programme for young elite jazz performers and composers

  • Five leading European jazz schools! Enter one joint study programme!
  • Five major European jazz cities! Discover the variety of European jazz!
  • Five vibrant contemporary jazz scenes! Study with the best teachers and students!
  • Get your master's degree in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris or Trondheim!

Do YOU want to JAM?

Contemporary jazz performers must possess innovative skills in order to stay at the forefront of development in music, culture and business.

 EUJAM  will educate a new generation of strong contemporary jazz performers by supporting a student driven curriculum.

 EUJAM  students will get the possibility to investigate European jazz in its broad artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial scope.

 EUJAM  students will design and perform artistic projects in collaboration with professional performers, organisations and business enterprises.

 EUJA M stu dents will be given the opportunity to develop a strong international professional network.

EUJAM will provide students with a broad range of professional qualifications:

► Artistic and instrumental excellence
► Composition, arranging and performance skills
► Leadership skills
► Project and enterprise management skills
► Cultural and communicative skills