5 Learning outcomes

5 Learning outcomes

At the completion of the programme, the student is expected to have achieved knowledge, skills and competencies as follows:

5.1 Subject-specific skills
The student must be able to demonstrate

  • Artistic, musical and instrumental excellence
  • A high professional level of performing, composing and arranging skills and ability to realise own artistic concepts
  • A well developed artistic personality, having developed to a high professional level the ability to create, realise and express own artistic concepts
  • Music business skills related to realise own artistic projects

5.2 Knowledge and understanding
The student must be able to demonstrate

  • Ability to make well-argued individual, artistic decisions
  • Knowledge and understanding of practice-based research methods and how to apply these to own artistic development
  • An extended cultural, contextual knowledge, applying it in ways, relevant to the area of specialisation
  • Knowledge of the music business

5.3 Personal competencies
The student must

  • Be able to demonstrate project skills conceiving, planning, realising and evaluating artistic projects
  • Be confident and experienced in communication and social skills, including the ability to
    • Initiate and work with others on joint projects or activities
    • Show skills in leadership, teamwork, negotiation and organisation
    • Integrate with other individuals in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Be an autonomous learner, able to integrate knowledge and to undertake in an organized manner tasks that may be
    • Extended and complex
    • In new or unfamiliar contexts
    • Based upon incomplete or limited information