6 Study programme

6 Study programme

The programme has a total study load of 120 ECTS credits, distributed across four semesters.

The study plan consists of subject areas and each partner institution shall provide for specific courses, complying with the subject areas; thereby each subject area can be supported by one or more courses, according to local curricula.

The core subject areas are Artistic Projects, Performance Studies and Final Project; the subject areas Electives, Music Business and Art & Culture Studies will support the core areas of study.

All subject areas are assessed through the assessments, required by the course descriptions of each institution.


No Subject areas 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester Total
1 Artistic Projects 10 10 10   30
2 Performance Studies 10 10 10   60
3 Final Project       30
4 Electives 6 6 6   18
5 Music Buisness 2 2 2   6
6 Art & Culture Studies 2 2 2   6
Note: In Amsterdam there is a 10 ECTS requirement of practice based research as part of subject areas 1-3.

6.1 Programme structure

  • 1st semester – studies at home institution
  • 2nd semester – studies at 1st exchange institution
  • 3rd semester – studies at 2nd exchange institution
  • 4th semester – studies at home institution.

Studies in the 2nd and 3rd semester must be regulated by a Learning Agreement between the home institution and the exchange institution. Due to the structure of the programme, all courses at exchange institutions must be approved/assessed at the end of each semester.