The Feminist Legacy in Art Museums


The Feminist Legacy in Art Museums

Gitte Dæhlin, Selskapsdame (Society Lady), 1975. Textile sculpture.
© Gitte Dæhlin / BONO 2020. Courtesy of Kunstmuseet NordTrøndelag. Photo: Yvonne Helen Antonsen 


Why are art museums still lagging behind when it comes to collecting and representing art made by women? What are the frameworks for building collections today, and how are they rooted in storytelling and ideology? And not least, how can we make space for women’s art and culture? 

These are questions we ask ourselves in the research project The Feminist Legacy in Art Museums. Museums’ inability to provide space for women as actors and cultural producers in both the present and the past is a democratic problem and a deficiency in museums as managers of cultural heritage.

We argue that the lack of attention paid to and research on art made by women in art museums and in collections is connected to a general lack of recognition of the feminist project in art history. We shall conduct empirical studies of the feminist avant-garde in the 1970s, its forms of exhibition and social spaces, and examine the institution’s ways of collecting and representing art. 



Meshes of the Archive. Gender, Diversity, Archives and Cultural Heritage


Meshes of the Archive. Gender, Diversity, Archives and Cultural Heritage

FLAME organises a PhD seminar at the Center Universitaire de Norvège in Paris, 22-24 March 2022. We invite international PhD students to join the seminar. 

Recent debates on decolonialisation, gender equality and sexuality following in the wake of #meetoo, the migration crisis and a heightened awareness of indigenous history, are an intensification of issues already pressing in and on museums. Despite 30 years of research, not even Sweden, perhaps the most gender mainstreamed society in the world, has managed to fully integrate gender and intersectional issues in the work and management of museums. Museums, cultural heritage, and archives, still favour the stories of white men's great achievements (Grahn & Wilson, 2018). 

Turning to the archive to counter the canon, has been a necessity, but this has also prompted a rethinking of archives, collections, and museums. How do we deal with the dire structural problems when working with museum collections, archives, and libraries? How do we approach the biographies of those untold through the archive? How do we work to decolonialize and democratize art collections, cultural heritage, and museums? 

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Application details

Please submit via email a single PDF document that includes the following:

  • Your name

  • Your department or programme and your university

  • Title and expected completion date of doctoral project

  • A short draft of the paper you want to present - roughly 300 words

  • Contact information with email address

Submit your application by February 1. 2022 to:
Associate Professor Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen

26 January: We are still hoping and planning for a seminar in Paris but are considering a hybrid digital solution. Please apply if you are interested in the seminar and let us know under which circumstances you would like to participate, in person or online.

Read more about credits and programme in the flyer.

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Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events

FLAME is the editor of special issue of Kunst & Kultur: Samlinger, utstillinger, kjønn.
To be published May 2022.

Publications and previous events

Publications and previous events

  • Interview with Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen in Susanne Diedrichson, «Maihaugen Museum viser frem kvinnehistorie fra Gudbrandsdalen». Kilden, 17 December 2020.
  • Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen and Sigrun Åsebø, «Hvorfor telle kvinner i kunstmuseet?», Bergens Tidende, 30 November 2020.  
  • Interview with Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen and Sigrun Åsebø in Anne-Mari Gregersen, «Overrasket over kvalitetsdiskusjonen». Museumsnytt, 26 November 2020.

Åsebø and Angkjær participated in the conference Fast Forward! Women in European Art, 1960s - Present. Organised by the project Feminist Emergency: Women Artists in Denmark, 1960- present, the conference was hosted by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 17-18 November 2021.

Åsebø and Angkjær participated in the conference Gender, power and disempowerment. The XII Nordic Women's and Gender History Conference. Aarhus University hosted the conference, 19-21 August 2021.

FLAME organised the conference Stofflighetens politikk Om kjønnsrepresentasjon, tekstil og materialbasert kunst i norske samlinger. The University of Bergen and KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes hosted the event, 1-2 June, 2021.

Åsebø and Angkjær participated in a webseminar on Professor Griselda Pollock's influential work in Feminism and Art History on the occasion of her recieving the Holberg Prize 2020. University of Bergen hosted the seminar, 22 February 2021.

Åsebø participated in a panel on Feminism in Art at Festspillene i Nord-Norge, October 2020.

People in Flame

People in Flame

Associate professor Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen (NTNU) is project leader and associate professor Sigrun Åsebø (UiB) is co-project leader. Together with PhD-students Pernille Zidore Nygaard (NTNU) and Katrine Annesdatter-Madsen (UiB) they form the core research group. Associate professor Frida Forsgren (UiA) and independent researcher Jorunn Veiteberg are connected researchers.

The Feminist Legacy in Art Museums research project has national and international connections to people and networks in academe and in art museums. We are closely connected with the Danish project Feminist Emergency: Women Artists in Denmark, 1960 to the present, University of Copenhagen. 

We are also connected to art museums in Norway and Nordic museums through the network Gender and Diversity in Nordic Art Museums.

Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds, UK), Katy Deepwell (Middelsex University, UK), Fabienne Dumont (EESAB École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne, FR), Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe (Stockholm University, SE), Katarina Wadstein Macleod (Södertörn University, SE), Malene Vest Hansen (University of Copenhagen), Stina Høgkvist (The National Museum, NO), Birgitte Anderberg (National Gallery of Denmark), Julie Rokkjær Birch (KØN Gender Museum Denmark), are all international and national collaborators of the project.

Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen

Sigrun Åsebø

Pernille Zidore Nygaard

1 March 2021, Pernille Zidore Nygaard began her three-year PhD fellowship. The title of her project is «Tracing Gendered Patterns in Collecting: A feminist intervention in five major public collections in Norway». She is based in Trondheim.

Katrine Annesdatter-Madsen

1 September 2021, Katrine Annesdatter-Madsen began her three-year PhD fellowship. The title of her project is «The event as performative renegotiation of the female body and woman's cultural-historical representation in Norwegian feminist art in the 1970s - feminist readings of the haptic strategies of Sidsel Paaske, Siri Aurdal and Zdenka Rusova.» She is based in Bergen.

Jorunn Veiteberg

Frida Forsgren


Co-project leader

Co-project leader

 Sigrun Åsebø
Associate Professor
+47-416 83 977
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen





About Selskapsdame

About Selskapsdame