There is an increased pressure to build on agricultural soil for different purposes. Even if the areas are proteced by laws and most politicians in principle wants to protect agricultural soils in reality valuable areas, especially close to larger cities are taken for other purposes.

One option to reduce the impact on agricultural production is to move the soil to a new location. This has been done in several projects. However, only limited research has been done on this topic. Green move have a holistic approach to the problem to investigate it from an agricultural, environmental, political, engineering and geological point of view.

The partners in the project includes the whole chain of stakeholders from Road and Rail administrations, Contractors, Consultants, Municipalities, County administration, Farmers organizations and soil protection organisations. This secure that all points of view will be represented in the project. The Research partners includes two Universities Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norwgian University of Life Sciences  and SINTEF to secure a real cross-disiplinary team to investigate this complex challenge.

GREEN MOVE will through the holistic approach investigate several aspects of the wicked problem of soil movement. We will include several field of research covering agricultural, natural, social and political, and engineering science. The project team will include 5 PhD-students and more than 20 professors/scientists in addition to the 10 partners from the full range of stakeholders.