Enhancing optimal exploitation of solar energy in Nordic cities through the digitalization of the built environment

A large portion of solar energy remains unexploited. This is also the case of the Nordic countries where climate challenges, legal and cultural barriers, and economic constraints prevent optimal exploitation of solar energy. 

In this context, the project Helios aims to turn the Nordic conditions into unique opportunities to accelerate the use of solar energy and the deployment of solar systems in the Nordic built environment through digital techniques using Trondheim as a pilot city. 

The HELIOS open access user-friendly 3D model platform has twofold goals: 

  1. Enabling solar irradiation mapping for optimal exploitation of solar energy at multiple spatial scales, ranging from the facade, building, to neighborhoods and whole city.
  2. Predicting solar energy generation at multiple temporal domains, ranging from short (daily), mid (50 years) and long (100 years) term under climate change scenarios.