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Department of Archtecture and Planning

About the department

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Architectural design revolves around all types of buildings and built environment, and the theory and knowledge related to this. Expertise addresses all aspects of the architectural styling from concept to finished construction, management and development. Development and design are seen in a sustainable operating and life-cycle aspect where good architecture is about the functionality, technology and aesthetics as a part of a wider architectural context.

Urban Design and Planning deals with various aspects of urban and regional planning, where aesthetic, functional, social and ecological perspectives are the keys. Urban Design is about city space and building aesthetic aspect as part of complex urban development processes. Sustainable planning where the problems are related to physical planning of different types of urban areas, is based on a plan and theoretical understanding where analyses of the area is included as a foundation for planning.

The department has a special responsibility for the following fields of competence:

  • Complex Programs
  • Housing and Settlement
  • Ambient Aesthetics
  • Property development and management
  • Land Use and Transport Planning
  • Urban Design, densification and urban redevelopment
  • Urban Ecology planning in developing countries


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