Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund


PhD candidate Kristine Kvangarsnes in the lab. Photo
PhD candidate Kristine Kvangarsnes in the lab. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Research at IBA

Research areas

The Department of Biological Sciences focuses its research on the following subject areas:

  • Sustainable salmon farming 
  • Marine ingredients 
  • Marine environment
  • Medical and marine laboratory technology


Research groups

Innovations for Sustainable sEabased Aquaculture (InnoSEA)

- Research activities at InnoSEA

Smart valorisation of seafood side streams


Optimal utilization of the oceans

We are focusing on research, innovation and knowledge development related to optimal environmental and financial utilization of the biological resources of the oceans. We work closely with the business sector and toward health trusts. To be able to work in this intersection, we depend on using medical and marine laboratory technology as tools.


World leading region

Møre og Romsdal is a world leader in production of organic salmon and marine oils. IBA has a research and development license for production of organic salmon, and has a close operational and research collaboration with one of Norway's largest salmon producers. Utilization of residual raw materials and development of ingredients is an important part of a sustainable development for fisheries and fish farms. IBA is a participant in the biomarine business community Legasea, and cooperates closely with companies, health trusts and other research and development environments.


Research facilities

Research facilities



Molecular Biotechnology

  • PCR
  • qPCR
  • DGGE
  • Chemidoc
  • NGS Ion Torrent PGM

Alalytical Chemistry

  • GC
  • U(HPLC)


  • Flowcytometer
  • Microplate reader
  • Microplate washer
  • Pentra 80XL

Clinical Biochemistry

  • Pentra 400