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Laboratories at IBM

Laboratories at IBM

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are at the heart of our infrastructure. They play a pivotal role in supporting our wide range of courses, from academic lectures to hands-on student projects, testing sessions, experiments, and comprehensive analyses. We're equipped to delve into diverse materials, techniques, and methods, ensuring you gain the practical experience essential for your field.

Whether you're an undergraduate, a Ph.D. candidate, or part of our research staff, you'll have access to these well-equipped labs. Our capabilities don't just serve our department; we proudly undertake assignments for other departments and external clients too. Plus, in collaboration with SINTEF, some of our labs are jointly organized and operated.

Take advantage of these top-tier facilities and elevate your learning experience with us!

Analysis Lab
Asphalt Lab
Wastewater Lab
Binding Agent Lab
Construction Technical Lab
Decomposition Lab
Drinking Water Lab
Electrical Workshop
Field Stations
Research Lab
Ice Lab
Mechanical Workshop 
SimsalaBim BIM Lab
Snow Lab
Student Lab
Wastewater Lab


Lab Leader

Are Wendelborg Brandt
Laboratory leader